Motivational Funding

How many times have you said to yourself that you would love to start your own business or return to school? What about the possibility of contributing to research opportunities in your career field such as medicine or education? There has been an abundance of thought put into it I’m sure but what will it take to motivate you to put those thoughts into action? For many, the answer to this question may be time, resources or other factors. However, the largest motivation to get up and get moving will come if the money is available.

Money is a major motivator for those looking to begin ventures such as education, new businesses and research. This motivational tool becomes even greater when the money is available for free. Yes! Money that doesn’t have to be repaid will definitely stimulate most people to get up and get moving towards their goals.

That’s exactly why grants are considered major means of motivation. They allow individuals to acquire funding for research, education and start-up businesses without and investment of their own as well as no need to repay the funds. This is typically the type of motivation that many individuals need to make the move towards successful endeavors.

One of the most beneficial factors of applying for grants is the fact that there is an ease of the application process. They are easily accessed once they are located and plentiful to say the least. It is understood that if there is too much of a hassle in the process of applying, many people will become frustrated and not complete the process correctly and some not at all.

Classes and seminars are often available to make the availability of grants known to many. Some people don’t apply simply because they don’t know that these funds are out there. Once word gets out, it begins to spread and it becomes a motivational rally. Everyone becomes motivated to do the things they never thought possible but now made possible through grants. Grant funding is meant to inspire and motivate the wants and desires of individuals to grow in research, education and other areas as well.

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AfriGrowth Foundation Awards Best Libraries in 2015


This ceremony took place on the 7th December 2015. It was held to evaluate libraries in which AfriGrowth Foundation has refurbished. This brought in various LEA librarians and head teacher representatives from all the area councils in AMAC Registry hall.

The schools were encouraged to maintain the standard of the libraries as much as they can and to also encourage their pupils to take part in library reading activities, which would in turn improve their study skills as well as their pronunciations. The AfriGrowth Team also gave tips on how the librarians can engage the pupils more in the libraries.

It was indeed  enlightening and the deserving schools were awarded.

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#Giving Tuesday…… Donate a book to child today

AfriGrowth foundation is 10 this year and as part of its 10th year Anniversary Celebration, the Foundation has decided to refurbish 10 libraries in underserved communities in the North Central region of Nigeria.
An African child who can read is a future leader who thinks, and to increase literacy of children in these schools, the foundation needs a variety of books, which is gotten from donations. The Foundation is appealing to well-meaning Nigerians to donate a book or books to help stock these libraries to give children a chance at literacy, deciding their own destinies and help make them love and want to know.

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AfriGrowth Foundation is 10 and still counting!!!

Because of you AFRIGROWTH FOUNDATION is 10 !!!

Our Organization is a non-profit organization committed to enhancing growth in needy communities. It has been founded on the belief that one of the greatest challenges we face in Africa is poverty, in ten years the Foundation has focused on eliminating poverty by initiating and supporting empowerment programs that has developed techniques for self sufficiency.


AfriGrowth Foundation has the Orphanage and Vulnerable Children Care Program, (OVC) and through that has provided educational and nutritional materials to children in vulnerable communities. This gives each child an opportunity  to improve  the quality of  their  lives for we  believe   that   “a  child born  without  good  nutrition  will die  or be ravaged by disease and without education becomes a liability to the community”. In the past 10 years the Foundation has intervened in 25 LEA Primary Schools with 10,000 children as beneficiaries in underserved communities.


The Youth Mentoring Program which focuses on building the capacity of youths through various mentoring initiatives amongst which have impacted the lives of over 7000 youths in Nigeria and across the globe.


You to can be part of Enhancing Growth and Changing Lives.

-Join in as a Volunteer

-Join in as a Partner

-Donate to one of our causes.


It has been a dream and thanks to you, we are 10 years and counting.



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AfriGrowth 2015 Funfair

This very colourful event took place on the 21st November 2015, the Foundation initiated a funfair themed feed and dress a child this Christmas. This was aimed at feeding and dressing 3000 children for Christmas. The event took place at Riverplate Park, Wuse 2 Abuja.

Forty kids from Mother Theresa’s Orphanage were present at the funfair. The Foundation also brought in a music pop sensation Adekunle Gold to attend the funfair and he gave some encouraging words to the kids. Mrs. Tosin Dokpesi of AIT was also present at the fair as well as Amb. Joe Keshi, alongside the President of Afrigrowth Foundation, Mrs. D Keshi. and the Executive Director of AfriGrowth Foundation, Mrs. Oly Sanni. Continue reading AfriGrowth 2015 Funfair