12310464_1243136789045332_1462395702667992861_nDriven by its commitment towards enhancing growth in needy communities, AfriGrowth Foundation maintains a sustained focus towards developing and supporting developmental programs that provide techniques for self sufficiency, especially in the areas of Youth Development, Orphans and Vulnerable Children Care, ‘Back to Reading Culture’ initiative and capacity building for other development organizations, adopting mentoring as a primary strategy.



The impact of the Foundation’s programs over the years is visibly evidenced by the pull of young human resources that have been developed through the various youth development programs including Develop for Development Initiative (DDI), Career Exposition Seminars (CES), Youth Mentoring Seminars, National Essay Competitions and One-on-One Mentoring Programs. Moreover, various children in undeserved communities have been given opportunities of access to library facilities and good nutrition through the Library/ OVC Program while many development institutions have been taken through capacity building sessions through the AfriGrowth Foundation Learning Center for improved performance. While continuously exploring the needs profile of our target demographic groups with the intent to developing stakeholder-centered strategies for engagement, we appreciate the importance of synergy as a strategic tool for achieving results. AfriGrowth Foundation remains committed to serving its targets better through your support.



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