AfriGrowth Foundation Awards Best Libraries in 2015


This ceremony took place on the 7th December 2015. It was held to evaluate libraries in which AfriGrowth Foundation has refurbished. This brought in various LEA librarians and head teacher representatives from all the area councils in AMAC Registry hall.

The schools were encouraged to maintain the standard of the libraries as much as they can and to also encourage their pupils to take part in library reading activities, which would in turn improve their study skills as well as their pronunciations. The AfriGrowth Team also gave tips on how the librarians can engage the pupils more in the libraries.

It was indeed  enlightening and the deserving schools were awarded.

IMG_304311220831_1251244128234598_3617937453980900866_n12347904_1251253298233681_5702007961909792534_n 12219402_1251244218234589_1173145857313248160_nIMG_3044


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